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Real estate agents come from all different backgrounds and ages. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) finds that 95% of agents chose a career in real estate after leaving one or two previous careers—usually in business, finance, or management. Today, the average age of new real estate agents is near 50. Often, older people choose real estate as a way to ease into retirement or to supplement their retirement income. Younger people tend to go into the business because they are following in their family’s footsteps or they are intent on building a career in a field they love, as well as one that pays well. What makes real estate an attractive profession for some? Here are seven things real estate agents love about their job.

1. Be Your OWN BOSS:

Real estate agents are Independent contractors so they get to set their own hours of work and decide for themselves how to manage their time, work, production, and priorities. Since you are working on your own, regardless from home or office, you must set your own goals. manage time and be self-motivated to reap rewards of your success. More hours dedicated, experience and flexibility are equal to more production. Always take into consideration the initial investment in marketing and promotion. 

2. Real estate Vs other careers:

Thinking of switching careers, becoming a real estate agent may be less time consuming compared to a college or university degree. Real estate has tons of part-timers due to flexible hours and qualifications required. This should not be mistaken with the successful realtor Vs licence parked agents. Self-employed and motivated sales agents make themselves available 24/7 on weekdays, weekends and statutory holidays to achieve the desired success and pay bills. Lack of deals creates an extra financial burden, with fees adding up associated with licensing, continuing education and board membership fees.  

3. Earning potential in real estate:

You get to decide your earnings, it could change your tax bracket for good or bad. Since your career is essentially your business, your main limitations are how well you can start and grow your business. It seems very lucrative and appealing but soon to realize it takes a lot of hard work. Those who are willing to put in the work and put their clients first can see a steady success in the business. If your incentive for getting into real estate is about money, then you are getting into it for the wrong reasons. If you take care of your clients, you'll make a sale and generate referrals.

4. Milestones in real estate:

Real estate agents love to work with a new couple buying their first house, buying a vacation home for a growing family, getting a bachelor his ultimate bachelor pad, helping a senior client getting their downsizing condo and assist clients move with the changing jobs. When you’re a real estate agent you sometimes become part counselor, part life coach, and part mentor. Agents dealing with residential real estate clients thrive on their emotional attachment to the property and due to their giving nature they prefer residential real estate over commercial. That can be very rewarding for real estate professionals who have a passion for giving back.

5. Changes in real estate:

If you love to socialize, in real estate you will meet lots of people with tons of different personalities, this can be an incredibly exciting part of the job. People who get bored in an office doing the same thing every day will not have that problem in real estate. If you like change, new trends, and adapting to different markets, real estate will offer versatility in a work environment that you crave.

6. Local expert:

Real estate agents take great pride in being experts, and subsequently, teachers. Clients look to you for advice on the market and you’ll know what to tell them. After you spend time learning how to become a real estate agent, you’ll find that you genuinely become knowledgeable and good at what you do.

7. The incentive for a real estate agent:

In real estate, the income potential is limitless. People who want to make a living have to work super hard but it’s a rewarding kind of hard work. Your incentive is you are working for yourself.



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