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The GATE franchise brand is introducing an innovative alternative to the Canadian real estate franchise industry. We are on a mission to stay in sync with the transformation that is happening in today’s Canadian real estate industry. GATE Franchising Inc. believes in GREATNESS ACHIEVED THROUGH EXCELLENCE and strives to provide the absolute best for our clients, customers and business partners, guaranteeing EXCELLENCE in everything we do.

Why Choose GATE?

We have an entrepreneur friendly business structure with forward looking business support systems for today’s very competitive real estate industry.

We have a modern and sustainable real estate franchise model featuring truly affordable start up and operational costs. The unique feature of the GATE franchising system is that we are NOT going to burden you with fees and forcing you to pay for support systems and services that you are never going to utilize. With GATE, you are truly independent and in command of your own brokerage and destiny.

We have a strong focus on the support and continuing education of our new and existing Brokers, Managers, Administrators and Agents through the GATE “CAREERPATH” learning system, provided through GATE EDUCATION portal. We open the doors for you so that your career with GATE can be fulfilled in many different ways and directions.

We are the creative, turn-key solution to taking your real estate business to the next level of financial success.

Why change is needed ?

Most of the popular real estate brands that are considered inspiring, powerful and profitable started in 1970 and 1980's, in the times much more different than today. Existing brands can improve, reshape, rebrand but the MIND SET prevails. If you have never thought of becoming a real estate franchisee because you prefer to be independent but at the same time you want to do more for your clients, customers and team members, then look at it again with GATE franchising opportunities. There are opportunities to be a GATE franchisee in any market, close to home to make that impact you have always wanted to. With GATE you can ENTER the Entrepreneurship dream and work on making it the reality of your life.

Why EXPERIENCED Real Estate Brokers should consider GATE ?

GATE Franchising Inc. knows the reasons why brokerages fail to succeed. The brokers who signed long term contracts to gain support, training and expert advice are now getting squeezed from every angle, challenged to preserve margins, struggling to spend time to hire and keep talented sales associates, overspending on marketing to distinguish themselves in a crowded local market. GATE understands the issues of the brokers that are still spending their time listing and selling their own properties just to keep the doors open.

GATE goes beyond the powerful national brand name by providing resources through education, technology, marketing, and people connectivity. GATE is proud to be a relationship-based Franchisor, like a family and together we can get results that other Franchise systems only talk. We walk the walk and talk the talk. The excellence of the GATE Franchise is that it's a system that complements you, your individual style and personality and provides you with an opportunity to synthesize your own approach in your local market and farming area. GATE is making things simple and efficient so you can focus on your business.


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