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Real Estate Career in BRITISH COLUMBIA

Real Estate Council of British Columbia (RECBC) has currently over 25,000 real estate industry professionals as members. Its mandate is to protect the public interest by enforcing the licensing and licensee conduct requirements of the Real Estate Services Act.

RECBC license individuals and brokerages engaged in real estate sales, rentals and strata property management set entry qualifications, investigate complaints against licensees and impose disciplinary sanctions under the Act. 

RECBC’s licensing requirements for applicants: MUST

  • be of good reputation,
  • meet the minimum age requirement,
  • meet the educational and experience requirements for the level and category of licence for which they are applying, including satisfying the English language proficiency requirement,
  • must not have been refused a licence, been convicted of an offence, or disciplined by a professional body for a reason that reveals the applicant to be unfit as a real estate licensee.

RECBC requires that all applicants:

At the time of application, licensing applicants must satisfy one of the following employment criteria to be eligible to work in Canada:

  • Canadian citizenship
  • Permanent Resident status
  • hold a valid work permit/visa
  • Landed Immigrant status

Work permits/visas must not have any restrictions that would preclude an applicant from engaging in real estate activity/employment.

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If you are currently licensed, qualified to be licensed, or if you have been unlicensed for less than one year in one of the Canadian provinces or territories listed below, you can apply for licensing in BC without writing BC’s licensing examination. The Canadian Free Trade Agreement ensures that workers certified to practice in one province or territory are entitled to be certified in that occupation in BC without having to complete additional material training, experience, examinations or assessments. However, you must complete all the steps outlined below in order to become licensed in BC.

Applicants from the Northwest Territories and Nunavut who have been licensed for a minimum of one year within the past three years should follow the steps outlined for applicants from American jurisdictions. Click here for more information.

We look forward to hiring you as a GATE Agent or Broker in the near future. All the Best for a career in Real Estate.